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Travel The World – Unique Travel Spots To See After Covid-19

When it comes to choosing a travel destination, what appeals to one traveller may not be appealing to another. There are many travel places around the world to choose from, and deciding where to go may take some time. Here are unique places you may consider to visit after Covid-19.

Belize, formerly known as British Honduras

Belarus has reopened tourism. There are interesting spots to see here like the Nyasvizh Castle, Mir Castle, Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Kukhmystr, Enzo, Bistro de Luxe, Kvartirnik, Hooligan, and Jules Verne. One of the popular tourist spots of the country is the Homel Palace. It was built by Field Marshal Pyotr Rumyantsev in the 19th century soon after it became part of the Russian Empire.

This part of the Caribbean in the northeastern coast of Central America has the world’s second-largest barrier reef. Also, it holds the most extensive and accessible cave systems. Many travellers struggle to find this island on the map. Providentially, the government is making an effort to fully protect the island. Travellers will enjoy a day at the southern tip of Ambergris where the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is located. There is also the Truck Stop, Xunantunich, Belize Zoo, Caracol, Koko King, Museum of Belize, and a lot more to enjoy.

If you love adventure, Jordan is the perfect place to visit. Allot 36 days to your visit and go on a hike. The Rift Valley landscape where you will find canyons and made green after flash floods, don’t forget the lowest point on earth where you can swim on the Dead Sea and visit the ruined Sodom. Travellers mostly love the optimism of Jordanian, and you will surely love the experience.

Many Reasons To Travel In Singapore

Singapore is one of the exciting cities of the world, with its combination of Asian and European cultures. The city and island nation attracts many travelers tbecause of so many reasons.

Stunning Architecture

Thian Hock Keng is Singapore’s most photogenic buildings and the oldest Chinese temple. you will find the most photogenic buildings you will find in Singapore. The temple which was built in 1840, was made from the finest materials available at the time. Today, you will still find great architectural wonders in this cosmopolitan city which mostly attracts anyone who sees them.

Experience traditional Chinese life

Experience a real sense of Chinese culture when you visit to Chinatown. Your can find many craft shops, stalls and restaurants, and temples here. Chinatown Food Street is a great place to find some char kway teow and grilled meats.

Relax in Singapore Botanic Gardens

Unwind in Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage site. It is made of 52 hectares of gardens and forests. The National Orchid Garden, which is the main attraction of the area has over 1,000 species of orchids. Travellers can enjoy a day at the Gardens from 5 am to 12 am for free and see the rainforest, ginger garden, waterfalls, and different types of streams.

Visit Little India

Your trip to Singapore is not complete without a visit to the lively ethnic district of Little India. Here you can find delicious food, fresh vegetables, interesting souvenirs and snacks at a cheap price. Try their local favourites such as the roti prata or pancakes and the Tarik or pulled tea.

Top Travel Destinations For Couples On a Honeymoon

Who does not want to go on a Honeymoon? Those who are planning to get married and even those who are single are always thinking of great honeymoon destinations where they would go once they get married. If you are planning your honeymoon and even a late honeymoon, here are some of our top choices:


The Maldives is a honeymoon paradise. Be in love with its colourful reefs, the clear blue water, romantic weather, welcoming hosts, and its beautiful white sand. May to November are the best months to visit the place and you and your partner can choose Maldive Victory, Veligandu Island Back, Banana Reef, Alimatha Island, and Alimatha Island and HP Reef as your destination.

North Island – Seychelles Islands

This island has been a popular destination not just for ordinary folks but mostly for Hollywood celebrities. You may end up seeing your favourite celebrity couple as you walk down the beach. When in North Island expect to see exotic beaches, a lot of greeneries, and coconut palms.


One of the most romantic places you will find in the world, which is why it is also a perfect honeymoon destination. Combined with white sand beaches, rare birds and volcanic mountains, this place is great to see. You and your new wife can take a catamaran for snorkelling or just have a candlelit dinner at the beach.

Paris – France

One of the best places to go on a honeymoon and there is no need to explain why. Once in Paris, you can spend the day sipping on a fabulous wine at a café and walking hand in hand while you tour around Eiffel Tower. The perfect time to visit the City of Light is from June to August so you still have a couple of months to prepare.

What To Expect When You Visit France

France is a very magical country from its gourmet food, beautiful countrysides, elegant couture, and rich landmarks. It is not hard why a lot of people want to visit the country.

If you are going to visit France and is not certain of what you can do in the country, we have made a list to help you on your journey:

Friendly Folks

If you are a solo traveller, do not worry if you want to ask some locals questions on the direction or if you just want to make friends with them because most locals are friendly and although the language can be a barrier a smile and a good picture of a landmark can go a long way.

Be Prepare with a few French words

The French are very proud of their language and why shouldn’t they be? Imagine if tourists come to your country and they expect you to speak their language that would be too much. But unlike other Europe countries, the French people speak very little English so prepare a few phrases and download a French-English dictionary on your gadget or bring a dictionary with you.

France is a big country

When people think of France they think of only Paris. However, the country offers not just the capital city. Why not visit the French countryside and explore Cote d’Azur and the Provence where you will experience a different side of France and a true and genuine taste of French culture.

Payless for Coffee

You should not miss the coffee in France but at the same time, you can save money on coffee if you are going to order at the counter instead of staying outside at a table that needs a waiter. So head up to the counter, and choose from their many choices of Pastries and enjoy their brewed drink.

Budget Travellers – Ways To Get Around Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a very big region and if you are going to visit, you may find it hard to get around especially for the budget travellers. So how do you get from one point to the next in the most efficient manner?


This is the easiest but most expensive way to get around one country to the next. However, there are a lot of budget airlines that you can check. So make sure that before you go to Bangkok and then plan on visiting Singapore that you already have a ticket prepared before the whole Southeast Asia trip. Having all your tickets prepared can save you a lot of money as you will be able to find budget fares.

Local or Tourist Bus

The easiest and cheapest way to tour Southeast Asia is by bus. You don’t need to book them in advance or even go online, all you need to do is to show up at the bus station and purchase your ticket, and you are off to your destination.

Car or Motorbike

While most tourists will definitely not recommend renting a car in Southeast Asia because it is very expensive and the roads are crazy, but you can always try having a motorbike.


While this won’t be your main way of getting around, but it will come in handy especially if you visiting Indonesia or the Philippines. Ferries or boats are not the fastest but it is the cheapest way to get around and do island hopping.

How Should You Start Your First Day In The Historic Barcelona City

Barcelona is one of the most popular travel locations in Europe as it offers the perfect getaway for travellers. The old city has excellent public transport, beautiful architecture, great city life, and of course a place to enjoy the beautiful beach.

Barcelona is considered one of the most fun, energetic, vibrant cities in the world, which makes it a perfect tourist destination for anyone wanting to visit. One way to enjoy Barcelona is to plan a four or five-day tour. So how do you spend your first day in your Barcelona City trip? Here is a few recommendations of great places to see as you wander around the city.

There’s good public transportation you can take to reach the Arc de Triomf of Barcelona. From there you start your walk to Palau de la Música Catalana and enjoy a short walk through the popular neighbourhood of El Born. A district within the historic centre of Barcelona where you can enjoy art galleries and boutique shops in the small streets.

Then make your way to the Cathedral of Barcelona. Go to the Gothic Quarter district which is one of the oldest and most beautiful districts in Barcelona. You will also love small bars, restaurants, and shops around the area.

You can get to see Arc de Triomf, Palau de la Musica Catalana, El Born, the Gothic Quarter and Cathedral of Barcelona on your first day of Barcelona tour. It’s truly a very fine city you should not miss while you are travelling to Europe.

3 of the Best Christmas Markets in Europe

If you’re travelling around Europe this festive season, you need to put at least one of these markets on your list. They’re a fantastic way to experience Christmas the way other countries do it; enjoy local festive foods, drinks and entertainment while you peruse the many wonderful market stalls!

Estonia’s Tallinn Christmas Market

With the sounds of musicians, carol singers and choirs in the air, you’ll love wandering through the transformed Old Town, which becomes heaven for shoppers from mid November to early January.

Find traditional food, toys and handmade crafts and clothing, like felt hats and jumpers against the frosty backdrop of the town in winter. You’ll also find things like slippers, glassware, ceramics, sea-grass animals, wickerwork and gorgeous hand-sewn quilts.

Don’t forget to try some of the mulled wine, and eat some of the traditional Estonian festive foods like marzipan, pork, blood sausages, sauerkraut, nuts, cookies and other sweets.

Tuscany’s Montepulciano Christmas Market

This christmas market is free to enter, and is hosted in the Medieval town of Montepulciano. In the Piazza Grande, overlooking the hills of Val D’Orcia, you can visit over 70 wooden huts that act as market stalls. You’ll find leather goods, sweets, Christmas decorations and traditional crafts, and even a small ranch with ponies and a carousel!

Perfect for kids, the nearby Poliziana Fortress becomes Santa Claus’s castle, where the kids can see Santa and take part in interactive shows and activities. There’s even an ice skating rink.

This market runs from mid November to early January.

Switzerland’s Geneva Christmas Market

Parc des Bastions hosts The Christmas Village, which is a mindblowing 8000m2 of festive fun!

Foodies should book in advance to ensure they don’t miss out on visiting the fondue restaurant. There’s also plenty of traditional local foods on offer in many of the gorgeous wooden chalets. Try a mouth-watering apple strudel or lobster roll, and wash it down with a mulled wine in the lounge bar, that serves a range of Christmas drinks.

There’s plenty for the kids too, with a carousel, ice skating rink and a chalet full of festive workshops and storytelling.

You can visit this massive market during the month of December.

Whether you’re wanting a storybook mini break or you’re going to be near one of these magical markets on your travels, you don’t want to miss out! Get incredible souvenirs for yourself and loved ones, eat and drink your heart out with traditional foods and drinks, and immerse yourself in a different holiday season than your usual!

Thank you to our friends from Ipswich in Australia for giving us this information on some of their favourite Xmas markets.